Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Purpose of Using the Customer’s Personal Information

In order to run a business service, Global IT Solutions Inc. (hereinafter, “This Company) may acquire and use the customer’s information including name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
This Company adheres to laws and ordinances regarding personal information, thoroughly recognizes the importance of protecting personal information and implements systems to protect said information, and promotes appropriate handling and protection of personal information.
Regarding personal information retained here, requests from the customer himself/herself for disclosure, revision, deletion, and suspension of use are accepted at a predetermined point of contact, and we deal sincerely with any such requests.

Use of Personal Information

At This Company, to appropriately protect personal information, we acquire, use, provide and entrust personal information for clear purposes of use set in advance that are within the scope of achieving business goals.
We do not use personal information for any other purposes. At the same time, we establish measures to prevent the use of personal information for other purposes.

Disclosure and Provision to Third Parties

Other than providing information to the outside party listed in “Entrusting of Personal Information” and cases where one of the following applies, This Company does not disclose or provide personal information to any Third Party.

  • When the customer himself/herself gives consent
  • When disclosing/providing information in a state such that it is not possible to identify the customer, i.e. statistical data
  • When disclosure/provision is requested in accordance with laws or ordinances
  • When necessary for the protection of human lives, bodies, or property, and it is difficult to acquire consent from the customer
  • When cooperation is necessary for national or local public authorities to carry out their public duties, and there is a risk that acquiring the customer’s consent would impede the execution of said duties

Regarding the personal data retained by This Company, in the event that the customer personally requests disclosure, after verifying that the person making said request is the customer himself/herself, This Company shall respond within a reasonable period and scope.

Disclosure, Revision, and Suspension of Use

Regarding the personal data retained by This Company, in the event that the customer personally requests use of his/her information to be suspended or said information to be deleted, after verifying that the person making said request is the customer himself/herself, This Company shall suspend or delete said information within a reasonable period and scope.
In the event that use of said information is suspended or said information is deleted, please understand that it may no longer be possible to provide the service in accordance with the customer’s wishes.
There may be cases where it is not possible to respond to requests for suspension of use or deletion of information that is retained in accordance with relevant laws and ordinances.

Access Analysis Tools Used

At this website, we carry out access analysis of the website using Google Analytics by Google in order to improve our service.
Google Analytics uses Cookies to collect traffic data, and it is possible that some user information such as IP addresses are collected by Google.
At this website, we use this data exclusively for the purposes of analyzing use status, writing reports to the website operator, or other services. It is possible to deny collection of data by this feature by disabling cookies, so please check the settings in your browser.
※Please rest assured that cookies set by this website do not contain personal information of the customer (information such as name, date of birth, phone number, email address, address, bank account number)

Continuous Improvement of Efforts

At This Company, we strive to continuously improve our efforts to protect personal information. Therefore, this protection policy may be changed without prior notice.

Help Desk for Personal Information

The help desk of This Company for questions regarding personal information is as follows. Please note that we may verify the customer’s identity as needed before responding.

Global IT Solutions Inc.
PHONE: +81-75-708-7433