Our Strengths


Our highly skilled engineers are ready to assist you in making your project a success. In order to create multilingual systems, we've recruited employees from 8 countries, speaking 10 languages. We pride ourselves on serving a wide variety of industries with our diverse team.

Global Team
Education Experts

We work with experienced instructors to help system engineers develop their skills and foster collaboration in an international environment.

Business Experts

We have over a decade of experience helping Japanese companies connect with their overseas clients, allowing us to go beyond web development and engineering training, and offer specialized consulting services.

Why GIS?

We’ve been building a global team ever since the Global Network Group was established in 2006. Today, our multilingual support remains one of our biggest strengths. Our services are particularly helpful for those looking to break into the Japanese market, and clients developing IT systems for a global audience. Our Japan-based multinational team understands the characteristics of clients from various countries, enabling us to tailor your platform to your specific target group.
As of May 2021, the following languages are available for system development: English, Japanese, Chinese (traditional/simplified), French, Dutch, Indonesian, Thai, Korean, and Cantonese.


IT Solutions

We support you throughout the process of developing, maintaining, and managing web systems and mobile applications.
On top of that, we provide insight into creating systems that have international appeal.


Areas of Expertise

Hospitality Solutions

The Global Network Group has over 10 years of professional experience offering hospitality management support across Japan, making our services especially suited to the following sectors.

  • Accommodation
  • Are you an accommodation operator looking for tailor-made IT solutions and service packages? Tell us about your budget and preferences, and we will develop the ideal system for your facility. We work with hostels, bed-and-breakfasts, Airbnbs, condos, and hotels to help them ensure a smooth experience for their guests, while simplifying administrative tasks. Having direct experience running various types of accommodation facilities, we understand the ins and outs of the industry. We’ll help you develop reservation systems, guest management systems, contactless check-in apps, and more.

  • Tourism
  • Want to create a travel recommendation platform, a tourist information website, a booking system, or an itinerary management software? Our system development services are perfect for DMCs, travel agents, and tour operators. We especially recommend our services to those who would like to explore the Japanese market, but our global team also has a strong grasp on the behaviors and demands of travelers from all around the world. We will help you create a platform suitable for an international userbase, and continue development until you are satisfied with the results.

  • Food & Beverage
  • From food stalls to restaurants, we can develop reliable food service management systems that will take care of your daily operations and help you save time, so you can focus on your customers. Whether you’re interested in intuitive POS systems, food delivery apps, or contactless payment technology, we’ve got you covered. Amidst the rise of food tech, it’s important to keep up with the times. Reach out and discuss your unique needs and budget with us.

Matching platforms

Technology has the power to bring people together. Discuss your project with us and let’s develop a platform that connects people and solves their problems. All our platforms include options for automatic matching , profile management, search filters, chats, and multilingual support. Additional specialized features will be added depending on your preferences and the type of platform.

  • Dating
  • Online dating is the biggest player in the matching software sector. Creating a popular dating platform that stands out from the competition is challenging but can be very rewarding. Let us assist you in creating intuitive user interfaces, location targeting features, and proper safety measures. We will work with you to develop a unique software that gives your users new opportunities to find love.

  • Community
  • Create opportunities for people from all walks of life to connect with each other. We provide custom-made platforms with all the necessary functions, from interest matching, to event scheduling. Whether you want to help exchange students find a local buddy, get retirees to bond over shared hobbies, or assist entrepreneurs in their networking activities, we will build a platform they’ll love.

  • Recruitment
  • Help employers find the right candidates and job seekers advance their careers. Tell us about your concept and we’ll create a platform according to your preferences, keeping you updated every step along the way. Job boards, resume editing, interview scheduling, message template creation, and more; let us develop a unique matching site, complete with all the features you need.

    Case Study:

    Client: Global Career Agency
    Main Programming Language: PHP (Laravel)
    Features: search engine (filters), bookmarks, profile editing, automatic matching, private chat, job ad creation, online interview, hiring notifications.
    Languages: Japanese, English

    IT Job Finder allows companies and job seekers to get matched, based on their preferences. Once a user fills out their profile, matches are automatically generated and can be invited to chat, potentially resulting in an online interview, and ultimately a job offer. The website is available in both English and Japanese to help bridge the gap between foreign engineers and Japanese employers. We hope It Job Finder will help combat the shortage of software engineers in Japan and around the world.


From real estate to second-hand goods, we assist you in creating win-win situations for everyone looking to sell or buy goods and services. We’ll develop a secure, one-stop, user-friendly platform that’s custom-made for you. Since we are based in Japan, we are familiar with the Japanese online market, allowing us to assist sellers specialized in Japanese goods. Whether you’re looking for product navigation functions, price management tools, product rankings, inventory management features, user reviews or checkout registers, discuss your preferences with us and we’ll make it happen.


Help your users learn new skills and develop themselves with an E-Learning platform created to suit your requirements. We will equip your platform with course catalogs, progress tracking features, course management and creation functions, and more. Our services are especially suitable for online language course providers. Contact us and we’ll discuss the details of your project.


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Inquiry (email or phone)
step 2
Initial Meeting
step 3
Information gathering, proposal, quotation
step 4
Finalizing the Contract
step 5
Planning Stage
step 6
Development Stage
step 7
Testing and Release

IT Engineering Training

We ensure trainees study the entire process of programming, from the planning stage to coding, all the way to the testing stage.
We also welcome engineers looking to advance their careers, or improve their skills.


Global Management Consulting

We utilize our expertise as an IT company and our experience with international business to help clients who are looking to expand into foreign countries,
mainly the Japanese market, as well as those providing services to international customers.